Forêt Noire
Named after the cherry liquor kirschwasser, forêt noire consists of a 55% chocolate kirsch mousse with a kirsch soaked chocolate genoise sponge.It is balanced with a sour cherry jelly and finished with a pistachio daiquoise.

$7.00 Individual approx 180g
$36.00 14cm approx 500g
Religieuse Noire
Created in the mid-19th century, the traditional religieuse comprises of two round choux pastry cases – one large at the bottom and one smaller one on top – with a delicate buttercream or Chantilly cream topping reminiscent of a nun’s wimple.Religieuse noire (black) is named for the usage of blackberries and blackcurrants. Our modern twist consists of a macaroon base filled with a cassis diplomat and surrounded by fresh blackberries.

The choux puff on the top is replaced with a petite croquembouche. Croquembouche, french for “crack in the mouth” is a profiterole coated with a thin layer of caramel to give it that extra crunch. It is also filled with a cassis mousseline.

$7.00 Individual approx 155g
Rosa “Ispahan”
A play on the world famous flavor combination created by renowned pastry Chef Pierre Hermé.Mille feuille (thousand leaves in french) is a crispy delightful traditional french pastry made from the lamination of butter and dough to create more than 1000 layers, giving it its crispy and light characteristic.

The puff pastry is sandwiched with a rose diplomat with lychee bits embedded.

It is then finished with fresh raspberries.

$6.50 Individual approx 180g
$36.00 14cm approx 600g
Agrumes is the french term meaning “sour fruits”. This gâteau celebrates the harmony of citrus fruits.The base consists of a french meringue which is made of egg whites and sugar and baked at a low temperature to give its crispy texture.

A simple grapefruit and lemon jelly is added to give a different level of acidity and complexity.

A very light finger sponge, soaked in vanilla syrup to keep it moist and flavourful, accompanies the gâteau.

Blood orange mousse completes the gâteau with its bittersweet flavour. Blood oranges are a mutation of sweet oranges. Grown mainly in Italy, it has a taste similar grapefruit and sweet oranges.

$6.50 Individual approx 180g
$36.00 14cm approx 500g
Paradisi, named after the genus of pink grapefruit, Citrus paradisi, is inspired by the unique flavour combination of sour bitter sweet.Pâte Sucre is a traditional french sweet dough pastry used for making dessert tarts.

The grapefruit is made into a jam with a tart finish.

It is perfectly balanced by a chocolate cremeux (chocolate cream) layer and finished with an attractive glaze.

$6.50 Individual approx 175g
$22.00 14cm approx 350g
Named after the garden of paradise, Eden is a tart that showcases the freshest fruits in season.It is accompanied by crème patissiere and a layer of strawberry jam to add a play of textures.

$6.50 Individual approx 200g
$34.00 14cm approx 500g
Fragaria, named after the genus of strawberries is a gâteau that brings the strawberry shortcake to a whole new level.A streusel forms the base that gives a rich deep flavour and crunch. It is accompanied by a creamy and light vanilla of which, slow roasted strawberries are placed.

Strawberries are first soaked in a liquor syrup then slow roasted at a low temperature to obtain strawberries of a unique texture and intense flavour.

The gâteau also comprises of layers of a light sponge that is soaked in vanilla syrup.

$6.50 Individual approx 180g
$36.00 14cm approx 500g
Bûche de Noël
Bûche de Noël is a traditional french term for a Christmas log cake.Shaped similar to a log, our log cake is far from the traditional buttercream log cake. This modern french Christmas log cake is inspired by the colors of Christmas.

Pistachio daiquoise is a crunchy chewy layer with the delightful lingering of pistachio flavour. It is accompanied by a light chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries and a tangy raspberry mousse.

A chocolate sponge, which is soaked in raspberry syrup, is sandwiched in the middle.

$52.00 Approx 500g