Artisan Breads

Artisan bread is bread that is handcrafted by an artisan baker rather than massproduced. In its purest form, it is made from only flour, water, salt and yeast. First introduced by the Egyptians in 8000BC, it was gradually overshadowed by the rise of large-scale production factories that churned out a huge array of commercial breads with chemical additives to extend their shelf life and soften their crumb. However, in recent times artisan bread is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, as more consumers seek to enjoy the wholesomeness of artisan bread. The artisan baker is a craftsperson who selects quality ingredients, provides an ideal environment for the bread to develop, and uses his skill and knowledge in baking science to mix, ferment, shape and bake a handcrafted loaf of bread. Hence, while artisan bread usually consists of not more than five ingredients, its texture and flavour are generally superior to that of commercial breads.

List of Artisan Breads:

Italian for “slipper”, this rustic-looking bread easily distinguishes itself from the pack with its moist and porous crumb, and is great for making Panini.

This tasty, oven-baked Italian flat bread is brushed generously with olive oil to retain its moistness, and topped with a delectable selection of fresh herbs, olives and other in-season fresh produce.
French Baguette
Awaken your senses with these long, stick-like French loaves. Its “singing” crust fresh out of the oven, chewy crumb and pleasant sourdough flavour is a sure recipe for love at first bite!
Granny Stick
A delightfully crispy stick bread rolled in fresh herbs, mixed grains or seeds, guaranteed to make you go weak in the knees.
Walnut Bread
For walnut lovers, this bread is made with fresh whole walnuts and is a nutritious must-have.
Mixed Herb Bread
A deliciously aromatic bread consisting of finely chopped Italian parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme, this is not meant for the faint-hearted.

Twist Loaf
Shaped like a twist, this bread is similar to a white bread loaf, but with an unmistakable authentic sourdough flavour that will add an oomph to any sandwich.

Sweet Breads

From the land of Queen Marie-Antoinette who uttered the famous phrase ‘Qu’ils mangent de la brioche’, this half-bread, half-cake has a rich and tender crumb that will leave you craving for more.

Cross Bun
Similar to the famous hot cross bun, but without the cinnamon and dried fruit.

A traditional Christmas bread from Milan, take your pick from either chocolate or fruit and nut.

Sweet Roll
Rolled in cinnamon sugar or strawberry jam, this will satisfy all your sweet fantasies.

Walnut Cheese
A soft, walnut studded bun filled with a sweet-savoury cream cheese filling, it makes the perfect naughty teatime snack.


A delicious baguette sandwich fills with wholegrain mustard, tomatoes, turkey ham, emmental cheese, and freshly mixed salad.

Black Forest
Our classic Black Forest sandwich with nine grain cereal or millet seed granny stick, balsamic mustard, blackforest ham, onion sprouts tossed in balsamic olive oil go well with our freshly baked artisan bread.

Walnut Salami
Enjoy our unique and healthy sandwich comprises of wholewheat walnut bread, cream cheese spread, tomatoes, paprika salami, emmental cheese and mixed salad.