Artisan Breads

Artisan bread is a healthiest choice of bread compared to commercial-made bread. It uses minimum ingredients and does not include any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Hence, artisan breads are particularly popular among health conscious consumers.

Our every single artisan bread is individually crafted by hands so it is tasty and nutritious. To cater to our different customers’ taste buds, we have different artisan breads specially made for you, click here to view more.


If you enjoy dessert and crazy over pastries, you would not want to miss our delicious and mouth-watering Artisan French pastries.

Every single of our Artisan French pastries is specially crafted by hands and using fresh juicy fruits and best ingredients. You can check out more on our eye-catching and delectable pastries here.

Our Chefs
The master Chef of Nick Vina is Chef Nick Chua who is trained in Germany and had worked all over Europe. Chef Nick specializes in artisan bread and sweet breads. His signature bread is Granny Sticks which named after an elderly customer with a walking stick who would come in and buy breads. The bread is softer than other loaves as it is made easier for seniors to chew.
Formally trained in Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, Australia, Nick Vina Artisan’s Bakery Pastry Chef Jason Tan specializes in traditional French and European pastries with a modern twist. He enjoys experimenting with new combinations of flavours and textures, to bring together sweet treats delectable to all.